how to dog

by puppy luv

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i wanted to write seven songs in seven days but it ended up only taking me four days. everything was written and recorded between november 19th and november 23rd, 2014


released November 23, 2014



all rights reserved


puppy luv Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: tv
i don't watch tv and that's all you do
you can come over any day you'd like to
lay in bed with me while we stare at the screen
we can watch tv until our eyes are bleeding
Track Name: i like you sorry
i like you far too much
i would kiss you but i don't have the guts
i like you but it's not enough
i miss you but you're always around

hi hello i like you
Track Name: summer in my room
it's summer in my room
i won't let the cold ruin my party
it's summer in my room
we got so much to do

grab your sun glasses
grab your swim trunks
grab some fruity drinks
and your favorite towel

it's summer in my room
it's summer in my room

please close the blinds
don't look outside
it's summer in my room
or at least we can pretend
Track Name: stupider
i don't know why we treat ourselves so poorly
we are shooting stars
you are the milky way
i am jupiter
i feel stupider

3, 2, 1, let's go home

every day we will work towards our goal
if we go astray gravity will keep us safe
Track Name: hullabaloo
i am so ready to get out of here
and when i leave i’ll be good
no more little secrets let's practice honesty
no more little secrets i'm ready to leave

when we move i’ll be okay
it’ll be just like the old days
we’ll sing/laugh/cry/kiss/sleep just like the old days
and never get anything done on sundays
it'll be just like the old days
Track Name: i am a bridge
i am a bridge for you walk on
i will bring you to better places
where the sun shines and the grass is greener
i am a bridge for you to cross over

i am left behind suspended over the sea
i will not find a place where i can be
okay okay because i am a bridge
okay okay because i am stuck like this
Track Name: grass lake, mi
i don't know where things went so wrong for you
i should have been more present i should have been there for you
i don't know what to do who to call where to go
i'm so scared because i love you

where do you go when things get bad?
do you run like me? do you hide like me?
wish i was a better example of how to cope
with the things that hurt with the things that sting

i wish i was.

i am seriously so happy you are alive
and i if lose you i lose everything